Drowning in Guns

I’m trying to cover a bit more serious material lately. I was reading an article from The New York Times about how easy it is for those who are mentally unstable to keep guns, despite having been marked in a federal database that they are unfit to hold firearms.

According to the article, a man shot and killed three people in 2008, including a 4-year-old, with a gun that he had legally purchased back in ’04. In between that time, his name had gotten on a list that barred him from having weapons. Unfortunately for authorities, it’s difficult to track down all the people who wind up on this list and confiscate any weapons they may own because the list grows exponentially, and they can’t keep up. California alone has over 18,000 people on this list, and about 15-20 names get added to the list each day. Of the people on that list, about a third are there for mental health reasons. Those in the database are believed to hold, collectively, over 34,000 handguns and over 1,500 assault weapons. It’s just too much for the authorities to handle.

It kind of blew me away just how many people are on that list, and in only one state. For the sketch, I wanted to make apparent the vast arsenal of weapons available to those who do not deserve them because of their mental¬†instability. I’m also calling it “Drowning in Guns” because I wanted that drowning aspect to be symbolic of one’s mental madness or instability, which I think is also evident by the vast amount of jagged line work.


About detectivestone

I'm an illustrator from Massachusetts, trained at the Massachusetts College of Art and Design.
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