new sketches!!

I’m creating a black and white image that relates to an article I read about the situation in Libya at the moment, and how the U.S.  is “fiddling” around with how they are going about handling it. Of course, the author of the article didn’t mean fiddling in a literal sense, but I thought it was a good metaphor, so I wanted to push that aspect using an actual fiddle.

Not sure if the hands are helping at all, but I’ll still keep thinking about it.



About detectivestone

I'm an illustrator from Massachusetts, trained at the Massachusetts College of Art and Design.
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3 Responses to new sketches!!

  1. Alice Stanne says:

    I like the hands, but they will read better when they are positioned in a different way. If you look at how people hold violins the hand that holds the bow is in a very different place.

  2. kiranmcurpen says:

    I like the hands… I say keep them in 😀

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