more sketches. what a surprise.

Finally have some new sketches that I’m pretty happy with. I had to rethink my original Macbeth sketch (the card idea), so I came up with something a bit more subtle. I wanted Lady Macbeth to be an important part of the image–she is, after all, the mastermind behind Macbeth’s actions. She tips him over the edge to commit his evil deeds, almost like he is her pawn. I wanted her hair to be symbolic of her control over Macbeth–he is tangled in her.

For the next couple, I wanted to do something a bit more fun and dynamic. I don’t do enough “scene” images, or images with a group of people. The rock band one is pretty straightforward–there is no grand meaning behind it, but I think this type of image is versatile. The next one has more of a meaning behind it, about nature rebelling against humanity. I like this last image, the idea is interesting…not sure if the sketch is fully realized. The man is background–I’m not sure if he is completely necessary. I may take him out and see what the background would be like with more puddles, shells, and fog.


About detectivestone

I'm an illustrator from Massachusetts, trained at the Massachusetts College of Art and Design.
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