Three Killers

I read a very strange and creepy article in the New York Times newspaper today, about how at least three serial killers have committed crimes on Long Island in the last two decades. The article listed several reasons why this might be the case, like the fact that Long Island has a very dense population. However, it could be possible that it’s just a coincidence, and that other less populated regions of the country could have just as many, if not more, serial killers in their midst, and they just haven’t realized it yet.

I mainly focused on the killers themselves and the location where victims were found, namely in thick brush at a beach. According to the article, two of the killers mentioned are in custody, while one still remains out of reach. In this sense, I put two of the killers out in the open of a grey, beachy area, while one skulks in the trees in the background. It would have been tactless to put dead bodies in the piece, but I alluded to death with the bare, jagged bushes and dead trees. I feel as though the piece has the ominous, unsettling feeling I was going for.


About detectivestone

I'm an illustrator from Massachusetts, trained at the Massachusetts College of Art and Design.
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