back on the illustration wagon

I really had fun making this piece. It will probably look familiar to some of my friends because it was a sketch idea that I had back in school that I never followed through with. This is really a piece to get me jump-started working on more illustrations–I haven’t made any new illustrations for myself since school ended, as I have not been as motivated as I would have hoped. I’ve made sure to keep going with my sketchbook, of course.

So, this piece, while not entirely new, is meant to get me more motivated and thinking creatively. I’m going to hunker down again and make new sketch ideas. Hopefully, in the next few weeks, I’ll have some more new pieces to put on my site. If you’d like to see this piece in action, you can view it on my site here.

Also, I have a new job that I started on Monday. It’s basically an office administration type job, full time, 40 hours a week. I’m enjoying it so far–everyone is so nice. It’s going to be incredibly challenging to make art and have a job like this, but I’m up for it.


About detectivestone

I'm an illustrator from Massachusetts, trained at the Massachusetts College of Art and Design.
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2 Responses to back on the illustration wagon

  1. pro-fresh, Detective Stone.

  2. kiranmcurpen says:

    keep it up, hope the job is going well, I feel for the 40hr a week job/trying to make art… but it’d be a great shame if you stopped!

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