Spot Illustrations for Assistly

I had a couple of commissions for Assistly, which is a company that is geared toward customer support and customer satisfaction for other companies and businesses. If you go here you can view the front page of the site–the spots are towards the bottom of the page.

For this guy above, they wanted me to create a spot that demonstrated the advantages of being small–it accompanies an article about why small companies/businesses do better than large ones when it comes to customer support. I had to keep it very simple, but I think the theme I picked helps emphasize the main point of the article. The format here and on the front page are different, however: the layout was changed later on and they had to crop my image a bit. It was pretty cool working on it, and they want to have me make more spots in the future, so I will keep you all posted.


About detectivestone

I'm an illustrator from Massachusetts, trained at the Massachusetts College of Art and Design.
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