Illustrations for The Improper Bostonian and Assistly

AD Nicole Begin of The Improper asked me to create illustrations for this week’s issue. The article is about how seven of Boston’s best selling thriller writers also happen to be close friends, creating a very exclusive book club.


Nicole thought it would be cool to create a mock book cover that kicks off the article. She also wanted it to have a “thriller” feel to it, or have an air of mystery. I sent her the above illustration, though Nicole felt the hand colors were a little too creepy, so I toned them down and sent her the below illo:


She also wanted a smaller illustration for the second spread of the article–maybe a group scene where it again had a mysterious feel:


You can see my illustrations in this week’s Improper, but you can also view them online with the article.

Assistly, Inc. also asked me to create illustrations for an infographic for their blog. The graphic refers to my generation (those born after 1980), which has been dubbed “The Millenial Generation.” Us Millenials are digitally/technologically savvy, and have technology thoroughly embedded in our daily lives. For the infographic, I collaborated with my graphic designer buddy Kristen Hodges (you can view her work here)–I created two illustrations, and she incorporated them into the graphic with her design magic.

Assistly wanted to portray the ideal Millenial–they also wanted him/her to have “hipster” qualities/attire. I came up with a female and male versions of the ideal Millenial:


Kristen created the rest of the infographic. You can view the post and the infographic about the Millenial generation on Assistly’s blog.


About detectivestone

I'm an illustrator from Massachusetts, trained at the Massachusetts College of Art and Design.
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