Cicada Magazine

The new issue of Cicada is out–my To Kill a Mockingbird piece is on the cover, and I have another full page illustration in the magazine, along with a few spots. Here’s the full page piece:


I’m the spot artist for this month’s “Spot Artist Extraordinaire” feature. I had an interview for the feature as well–you can read it here.

Also, the full page in print, and the cover:




About detectivestone

I'm an illustrator from Massachusetts, trained at the Massachusetts College of Art and Design.
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2 Responses to Cicada Magazine

  1. Beth Albota says:

    Another wonderful piece — and I loved the interview! So glad I added your blog to my feed! Keep the good stuff coming, Molly!

    • Anonymous says:

      Cool, thanks Ms. Albota!! There’ll definitely be more stuff coming soon–I’ll be working on some personal pieces shortly!

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